The PlethysmoView is a GRATIS, freely downloadable application which is based on the function of blood congestion measuring card (open sourced, of EDAQ 530 system). With the help of built-in real-time peak finder motor it is able to observe directly, to measure and to save the most peculiar parameters of ECG and blood congestion that is proportional to blood pressure (follow-up distance of peaks, their average and standard deviation, pNNM).
   The component requisite, the circuit connection diagram, its SCH-PCB files of the measuring card and microcontroller's program are freely downloadable, too. Hence it can be established by anybody at low cost and simply.
   Including this software, said card composes a small, portable, real-time cardiological measuring system that can be applied for educational and research purposes.
   Made with the cooperation of Noise and Non-linearity Research Group (Univerity of Szeged TTIK) and Automation Research Group (Kecskemét College GAMF, Department of Informatics).


The software is certainly virus-free. In order to avoid occurent abuse we inform you that you can download and build the software and hardware at your own risk. We are not to be impeached for injuries caused by present and latter versions.